Skills Development Services

Umkhonto Outsourcing Solutions is passionate about assisting organisations access grants and nurturing the company workforce. Skills Development is a crucial aspect of any successful business it not only benefits the employee but also the employer as it empowers the worker to make informed decisions, improve on the quality of work as well as instill a sense of loyalty towards the company. Modern companies that do not actively participate in Skills Development are liable to disengage from positive participation in the countries economy.

The point is not to merely offer employment, but to retain the workforce in a manner befitting the companies reputation, to offer them the opportunity of learning new skills and self-improvement.

By developing and improving skills in the workplace and promoting equal opportunities for the unemployed, we assist companies implement the provisions of the Skills Development Act and aid with claims for Mandatory Funding and Discretionary Grants.

We offer a host of Skills Development Solutions, tailored to companies specifications. We are well equipped to analyse where skills are lacking and advise on areas that have room for improvement. Our goal is to be a part a changing trend in South Africa one that recognises the need to train and develop South Africans, to help improve on the quality of life and to encourage more foreign direct investment to our nation, thereby increasing the number of jobs.

The 1% levy payable to the SETA is broken down as follows

Our Services Include

  • Compiling and submitting the Workplace Skills Plan
  • Compiling and submitting the Annual Training Report
  • Compiling and submitting the PIVOTAL Plan
  • Record keeping of all training done for Mandatory Grant Claims
  • Liaising with the SETA with regards to application of funding for the Discretionary Grants
  • Sourcing scarce and critical skills from the various SETA's
  • Advising the employer of Discretionary Grants and PIVOTAL programmes
  • Applying for Discretionary Grants through the various SETA's
  • Compiling of relevant Employee information and training requirements
  • Appointing a training provider
  • Co-ordinating relationship between employers and accredited training partners
  • Communication of information between the client and the SETA
  • Compiling of relevant employee information and training requirements
  • Compiling Portfolio of Evidence
  • Liaising with the SETA and Company with regards to the receipt of the funding